Vacuum Forming

With over 40 years’ trading in the vac forming industry, our team of experts will design and manufacture any vacuum formed packaging you need to help you get your project to market.

GVF Packaging is serious about sustainability too – over 90% of the packaging we supply is made from recycled materials which can then  go on to be recycled again.

Known for our personal service, quality packaging, and speed to market, we offer a complete service for all your vacuum forming needs.

Our eight innovative inline fast cycling thermo-former machines operate 24 hours a day, and our vast range of stock materials means we can colour match and cater for both small and large volume orders with a quick turnaround.

A trusted packaging partner for international household brands you can rest assured that you’re in safe hands with GVF Packaging.


Vacuum forming is a really cost-effective packaging solution and is ideal if you need a custom insert that fits perfectly around your product.

A popular choice of packaging for all sectors (including cosmetics, gifts, sport, food, automotive and healthcare), vacuum forming packaging keeps products firmly in place and displays them attractively.

Vac formed plastic trays and inserts can also be designed to be stackable for ease of shipping and storage.

Here are some popular applications of vacuum forming:

  • Retail gifts
  • Box insert – Perfectly displays and secures your product in place
  • Food trays
  • Transit trays – Reduces product damages
  • Clamshell/Clampack – A great way to showcase your product.
  • Heat-sealed blisters
  • Sheet forming – Ideal for larger and thicker gauge material

And remember, if your vac forming needs a packaging friend to complete your shelf-ready pack then we can also help with that too.

Please feel free to contact us for any packaging requirements you may have –

How do we get your product to market?



Provide us with a brief description of your product and requirements, and we will prepare a detailed quote outlining the scope of the project and associated costs.

CAD Drawing

Our skilled design team will create a precise computer-aided design (CAD) drawing based on your specifications, ensuring accuracy and feasibility for the vacuum forming process.

Prototype Tool & Samples

Once the CAD drawing is finalised, we will develop a prototype tool and produce samples to give you a tangible representation of your product, allowing for testing and refinement before proceeding to production.

Production Tool & Samples

With the prototype approved, we will proceed to manufacture the production tool, a durable and precise mould that will be used for mass production. Samples will be produced to verify the tool’s performance and ensure consistency.

Production Run

Once the production tool and samples meet your specifications, we will commence the full-scale production run, utilising the vacuum forming process to create high-quality, customised products in large quantities.


After completion of the production run, your products will be carefully packaged and delivered to your designated location, ensuring prompt and secure delivery, enabling you to bring your product to market efficiently.