When it comes to sustainable packaging, we understand that it’s essential to consider the entire life cycle, from sourcing raw materials to disposal. That’s why we prioritize sourcing products from the UK whenever possible and strive to minimize our consumption of raw materials and utilities.

In addition, when we design new products, we always aim to develop ideas that have the smallest possible footprint and the lowest weight. We also actively encourage our customers, employees, suppliers, and sub-contractors to be environmentally aware and make sustainable choices.

Furthermore, we are committed to achieving zero waste. Any production waste is reprocessed, baled and sent to accredited recyclers. By taking these measures, we aim to make a positive impact on the environment and contribute to a sustainable future.

In summary, our commitment to sustainable packaging is unwavering. We believe in using technology and innovative solutions to limit harm to the environment, and we strive to involve everyone in our supply.

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